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A Year of Elections

After a year or so out of the ‘blogosphere’ the Politics Club Blog is back!

Thank you for all of your correspondence while we have not been posting new stories.  It is certainly an understatement to say that a lot has happened since our last post!

In Australia this year there is a plethora of electoral madness.  Yesterday voters in both Tasmania and South Australia went to the polls with results at this stage too close to call.  For excellent coverage of these polls check out the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ‘Elections’ website:


Further to this, there is a Federal election in Australia due at some stage this year as well as a Victorian State election this November.  The UK has a General Election due also, while elections have just occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Be sure to keep your eye on the Politics Club blog for updates on what makes political news around the world and, as always, please feel free to correspond by positing comments or emailing us!

May the polls be in your favour,

Grievous Bodily Charm

(Ballot Box image courtesy of: http://australianpolitics.com/elections/ )


Guest Student Editorial – Harry Reidl

In Defence of George W Bush II 

George W. Bush is widely considered to be one of America’s worst presidents. I feel that he has been underestimated and he has befitted the USA and the world far more than people realise. 

George Bush came to power under difficult circumstances as a year after his arrival September 11th

happen putting his country into crisis. With a need for vengeance he did this by immediately attacking Afghanistan which was the central base for the Afghanis insurgents. It was also a very brutal regime and was popular with the world and at present there are 50,000 troops still stationed in Afghanistan. We are making great progress in the formation of a modern state unlike the Islamic barbarity of the Taliban. The soldiers fighting their have suffered losses but they have pushed the Taliban to Pakistan and they are no longer able to plan attacks against Muslims and western targets. 

He also made the unfortunate war in Iraq which only now is becoming a success and has removed many evil Islamic insurgents whose aim is the destruction of life. Following the destruction areas are only now being rebuilt. The mistake over Iraq damaged George Bush’s reputation. 

Another controversial aspect in which I agree with Bush includes Guantanamo Bay Prison/ Camp X-Ray where the Arabs are placed for eventual trial. This is a difficult situation for the president as he has to find a place for the many enemies of the USA and not reveal the secret methods used to detain them.  This has frequently caused problems among his own party and the two Houses of the US Parliament. 

George W Bush has been a tax cutting President and has lowed the rate of tax for the common American man. This has allowed him to reduce the tax burden on the US tax payer during the unprecedented rise in food and fuel prices he has been able to offer a tax rebate of at least $200 which has helped many poor Americans reduced their debt burden.  

The key issue which damaged George Bush was Hurricane Katrina which was unexpected but was refocused by the incredible incompetence of many of George Bush’s team as well as the incompetence of the government regarding Katrina apart from a few states with a black congressmen, who despite the incompetence was still reflected which was damaging to Bush.  

To conclude I feel that Bush has been blamed for things he was not responsible for and had to direct control of and both his wars have started bearing fruit in regards to security and become prosperous western democracies. 

Harry Riedl – Lower 6th Form




A Politics Club Update!

David Cameron and Gordon BrownFirstly,  apologies for not keeping the blog as up-to-date as I would have liked, especially during the London Local & Mayoral Elections.   The great news is that there have been some changes at The Politics Club.  Here are the changes decided on at our meeting on Friday 25th April, 2008:

1. A vote to allow ‘outside’ comments to be published on the Politics Club blog was passed unanimously.  Therefore, anyone and everyone outside of the Portland Place Politics Club is welcome to leave a comment on our postings! (Subject, of course, to the same moderator’s rights as PPS repondents). 

2. Positions within the club were formalised and are as follows:

Chair of Meetings: Farhan S

Co-Blogger: Lizzy R

Marketing & Promotions Managers: DJ and Prospero D

Grand High Chief of Research: Luke

Excellence of Education: Mr Mithen (NOT self-appointed!)

A set of task were also devised and carried out throughout the week including a plug for the Politics Club at the following assembly from DJ and Prospero (feat. Farhan) which was very good.  Luke has been researching the Mayoral election results and will have a post on it shortly – including our analysis of the statistics and commentary on the new Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson. 

I’d like to say a big thank-you to each individual named above!  Their contributions are what makes the club a success every week!  This Friday the Politics Club will meet and discuss new competition ideas.  Of course, your suggestions are always welcome so please post a reply! 

Mr. Mithen

Thanks to current.com for the picture above (no affiliation). 

Welcome to The Politics Club Official Blog!* *May contain traces of argument….

Hello, and welcome to The Politics Club blog!

If you’re reading this – then you are part of a unique club at Portland Place School and are prepared to express yourself, stand-up for what you believe in and listen to what others have to say. Each week I will aim to update this blog with some of the current issues that are arising in the UK and around the world.

Finally, I wish to congratulate you for actively choosing to become a part of The Politics Club! When I initially thought about setting up the Club I was enthusiastic about it but was equally worried that nobody would turn up (especially since it is held each Friday after school).

‘Politics’ is happening all around us. Some of you have a good understanding of many political issues and current affairs and many of you have come along because you do not know a lot about politics and wish to learn some more (the remainder of you, I can only assume, come along for the sweets)!

It is wonderful to hear what you have to say and attempt to answer any questions that you may have about politics and what it’s all about. I’m looking forward to seeing you all next time! Until then, feel free to look at the links that I’ve added to this blog!

And remember – Everyone can have an opinion – but make yours count by understanding it!

Mr Mithen