Guest Student Editorial – Harry Reidl

In Defence of George W Bush II 

George W. Bush is widely considered to be one of America’s worst presidents. I feel that he has been underestimated and he has befitted the USA and the world far more than people realise. 

George Bush came to power under difficult circumstances as a year after his arrival September 11th

happen putting his country into crisis. With a need for vengeance he did this by immediately attacking Afghanistan which was the central base for the Afghanis insurgents. It was also a very brutal regime and was popular with the world and at present there are 50,000 troops still stationed in Afghanistan. We are making great progress in the formation of a modern state unlike the Islamic barbarity of the Taliban. The soldiers fighting their have suffered losses but they have pushed the Taliban to Pakistan and they are no longer able to plan attacks against Muslims and western targets. 

He also made the unfortunate war in Iraq which only now is becoming a success and has removed many evil Islamic insurgents whose aim is the destruction of life. Following the destruction areas are only now being rebuilt. The mistake over Iraq damaged George Bush’s reputation. 

Another controversial aspect in which I agree with Bush includes Guantanamo Bay Prison/ Camp X-Ray where the Arabs are placed for eventual trial. This is a difficult situation for the president as he has to find a place for the many enemies of the USA and not reveal the secret methods used to detain them.  This has frequently caused problems among his own party and the two Houses of the US Parliament. 

George W Bush has been a tax cutting President and has lowed the rate of tax for the common American man. This has allowed him to reduce the tax burden on the US tax payer during the unprecedented rise in food and fuel prices he has been able to offer a tax rebate of at least $200 which has helped many poor Americans reduced their debt burden.  

The key issue which damaged George Bush was Hurricane Katrina which was unexpected but was refocused by the incredible incompetence of many of George Bush’s team as well as the incompetence of the government regarding Katrina apart from a few states with a black congressmen, who despite the incompetence was still reflected which was damaging to Bush.  

To conclude I feel that Bush has been blamed for things he was not responsible for and had to direct control of and both his wars have started bearing fruit in regards to security and become prosperous western democracies. 

Harry Riedl – Lower 6th Form





2 Responses

  1. Well, it could/will become the case that many years after bush V2 has left office, the perception of him, and his presidency will change, just as it has done for Richard Nixon, who arguably did many great things for America pre-watergate.

  2. Mr Riedl, I fail to understand why you portray Bush as an approver of democracy in the Muslim World. I see that he did take away the ruthless Saddam Hussein-But, now after so many years, the Americans are still sitting on top of the Iraqi Government. America dosen’t have charge to stroll wherever they wish & stay there as they feel the democratic system is yet to be as neutral as they wish. The Iraqi Government cannot say anything as their mouths are kept shut by fear of further destruction. American soldiers are dying, but because of the few rebellious youth forces of the land. I feel that the troops should be withdrawn from Iraq & Afghanistan. They are taking the oil of Iraq but what do they want from the war torn Afghani land. President Hamid Karzai is begging for them to leave but unfortunately the ” Friends Not Masters” theory hasnt seemed to get set in the mind of Bush. Afghanistan is an Islamic State-With It’s own democratic President- I feel the Americans have made enough “progress” and let the Karzai deal with the issues of his land. Coming to Pakistan, Why does Sen. Barack Obama want to send troops into F.A.T.A? I have my own explanations, which I can give in person. The elected government is dealing well with these issues & there is no need for interference from the States. Bush’s policies are openly criticised by Asian politicians as he would say- the US is the mother of all democracy-then why are you supporting a General in Pakistan? The case was if Musharraf is not on the Seat-then the Taliban will enter Pakistan and all hell will brake loose. Musharraf left himself & we didnt see any signs of ” Nuclear Stealing Threat” coming from Balochistan & F.A.T.A- So the conclusion of this extract is that Bush was overall moderately successful as a President ,domestically. But his foreign policies and the possibility to cheating in elections of 2000 bring him down to the stance that he is today. Plus is actions among the public were a little rash- A President’s supposed to behave with a sense of traditional conduct & his own style to look like a gentleman- Mr Bush however did the opposite- making comments that were not thought through and his actions made non US citizens believe that the US is being ruled by an amateur, which further decreased his faltering popularity. I feel that the majority of otherwise disappointed people in Bush as a President & who feel that ultimately he is the worst the US ever had will never let this perception change as now it’s too late for Bush to even try to make amendments.

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